You Don’t Have to Spend a Lot on Your Cebuana Girlfriend

Lorraine Villorejo
3 min readAug 30, 2023
cheerful multiracial couple having fun in park on autumn day
Photo Andrea Piacquadio by on Pexels

Expensive gifts and fancy dates would be great, but are they really necessary when you’re dating a Cebuana?

You may say that it’s the thought that counts, especially because most Cebuanas are known for their romantic nature.

You’d have a point, but you don’t need to spend a lot to express your love. Giving gifts occasionally is a wonderful practice, but it shouldn’t be the cornerstone of your relationship.

When it comes to men dating women, money has always been an issue. In my line of work, most men ask whether it is necessary for them to have a lot of money when dating a woman, or whether it is acceptable to date women without having enough money.

Realistically speaking, dating can be expensive, especially when you’re trying to impress your partner. However, when dating a Cebuana, you don’t have to break the bank to have a great time.

Because she prefers simplicity.

Spending time together is already considered fun for most Cebuanas.

You can go anywhere together, like church, take a stroll, hang out in their house, or go window shopping. A simple compliment will already make her heart melt.

You can be a simple guy and still be loved like you’re a star by a Cebuana.

Because she values practicality.

Most Cebuanas are taught how to budget and spend their money well. They are practical enough to know places to go where you can enjoy more and spend less.

They know of many fun and inexpensive things to do, like going on nature trips and outdoor activities, cultural immersions, and visiting historical sites. If you want to enjoy the local cuisine, she can take you to eateries, diners, and food markets.

If you plan your date nights with your Cebuana girlfriend, she’ll know how to make it worthwhile.

Because she’ll appreciate genuine connections over extravagant gestures.

Get to know Cebuanas, and you’ll likely see that their faith, culture, and traditional values are evident even in this modern age.

You don’t have to be rich to date a Cebuana. What you need is to know how to treat and love her properly and be there for her when she needs you.

She’d probably prefer to engage in meaningful conversations with you and make plans for your immediate future together than to engage in costly activities. She might even advise you to save your money for more important things.

Dating a Cebuana doesn’t have to be expensive.

From exploring local cuisine to enjoying nature trips and immersing in the local culture with her, there are plenty of ways to impress and show your Cebuana girlfriend your love and strengthen your connection to each other.

You don’t need a lot of money to make her happy. Sure, money is a need, but she’ll understand that you also need to spend it wisely.

By embracing the simplicity and practicality that most Cebuanas appreciate, you can create memorable experiences without spending a lot because it takes more than money to impress a Cebuana.