Why Are Filipinas Going Out of Their Way to Marry a White Man?

Lorraine Villorejo
3 min readMay 23, 2022


First and foremost, LOVE; second, because they can’t find a man in the Philippines who can make them happy.

Many of these women are sick of the disappointment and heartbreak they get from local men, so they look elsewhere for a partner. Similar to some American men who find it difficult to find a girlfriend in America. They also want to try their chances abroad because, in some cases, it’s easier to find love there.

The good news is that people have become comfortable with interracial marriages in the last couple of decades. Mixed marriages have become the norm for some, and it’s slowly becoming more and more accepted.

Filipinas, for one, are not behind on this trend. Every year, thousands of Filipino women marry a white guy. The reason for that is simple.


At least that has been what everyone else has been sneering about, anyway.

Hoping to Get Out of Poverty

The Philippines is a developing country. Many of its people are struggling with poverty. Many of them believe that marrying a foreigner is their ticket out of the slums. Filipinas, who are very close with their families, are willing to meet and marry a foreign man in hopes of him financing her and her family.

Of course, there are other Filipinas that genuinely fall for a foreigner not because of money. But we cannot deny that a lot of them do it to gain financial stability. You have an increased chance of her saying yes to you if you are financially stable.

The Prince Charming

Because of Hollywood movies, there has been a stereotype believed by many Filipinos and Filipinas that every American is gallant, rich, and handsome. This leads Filipinos to believe that an American is guaranteed to be attractive. The light skin tone helps in that aspect.

This, in turn, has made many Filipinas dream of marrying an American. They wish for a handsome man, basically their own version of Prince Charming, to come to them and whisk them away. They believe that a foreign man can give them the happiness that they dream of.

The Opportunity to Go Abroad

Filipinas have dreams, and most often, it’s about going and living abroad. The quality of life in Western countries is tenfold better than in the Philippines. At least that is what most Filipinos think. By marrying a westerner, they can live that dream and attain that luxurious life they have been wanting.


We can’t rule out love. Just because the reasons listed above are less than ideal — as understandable as they are — it doesn’t mean Filipino women won’t genuinely fall in love with an American man. Just like how they can easily fall in love with a Filipino man, a Chinese man, or a European man. Everyone falls in love unexpectedly, after all.

They might have their reasons for wanting to marry, but they still want to be happy. Just like how you want to be happy by marrying someone you actually love and who loves you.

We Go for the Love We Think We Deserve

At the end of the day, it’s our choice who we want to be with — whether it’s a white man or a native. We are all entitled to go for who we think would best compliment us. So, if you see a Filipina with a foreign man, remind yourself that it’s not your business. Instead, be happy for them. Not everyone is lucky enough to find someone to love.

If they are happy with each other, who are we to judge? Let them be, and wish them luck with their love life. The world does not need more judgmental people. What it needs is more love and understanding.